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About Images MostWanted is a 21st century global photography enterprise offering a wide variety of Photography Services as well as self-education with Information, Intelligence, Tips, Strategies, Solutions and all things Photographic!  You will find innovative, effective and relevant leading edge education here as well as some of the best photography services available today.

Our website is about photography and self-education methodology that enables people to produce extraordinary results and enhance the quality of their lives through everything having to do with Photography.  One of our fundamental principles is to help give success to those that pursue this field as a career.  We hope you not only have success with our website, but complete fulfillment and greatness as well.  

We believe the idea's, insights and distinctions on which we work diligently to present here makes us a leader on your learning experience radar-screen, as you move forward in your own self-education on this subject.  We hope our website and the education you seek, helps you move forward quickly and makes us a leader and innovator in the field of learning, training and development for the photography profession and industry for all of your business and personal needs.

ImagesMostWanted was founded by JW Davis in 2015.  He is the current President of the company, a lifelong photographer, and a former  trained Portrait Photographer for Portraits, Inc. for over 5 years.  The most important thing the website does is to concentrate on self-educating those interested in pursuing everything having to do with photography.  Our professional photography services are also available for all of your business and personal needs.  Lets sit down and talk about your event. is solely owned by JW Davis and currently has offices located in the state of Kentucky and on the Gulf coast of Florida.

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JW Davis
Founder & President
Professional Photographer

JW Davis is founder and President of

JW is former Portrait Photographer and an expert in the field as such.  He is a firm believer on lifelong self-learning strategies and solutions for photographic excellence.  He recognizes the need for a market of continuing education and professional development in the field and profession of photography.

JW developed this website to help maximize the reach, revenue, and impact of knowledge and learning assets of the photographic industry.  He knows it can be done through embracing emerging technologies and mindsets dealing with everything in the photography profession.

JW is an advocate for transformation awakening in new strategies and solutions in the photographic field.  Being involved as a photographer for over 40 years, and as a professional Portrait Photographer, he recognizes the need to stay abreast of the latest technologies to succeed.

Our goal here at, is to maintain a network of photography industry partners, connecting our visitors to our website with resources and services to help them maximize their impact and expand their knowledge in photography through education.

We hope you enjoy our credible advice and consistent strategic approach to self-learning, as a very important aspect for your journey in the photography field.  We hope you will leverage our resources to help you achieve the economic opportunities that await you in this industry.

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Gulf of Mexico Sunset
Photo by: JW Davis
​Copyright 2017
Lil Red Mustang
Photo by: JW Davis
Copyright 2016